With the closure of our physical store, we are now clearing all remaining gear at great prices! Grab yourself a bargain on fantastic gear for your next adventure by motorcycle, bicycle, car or hiking. Our camping gear & inspiration sections suit all needs!

Whether you travel by motorcycle or bicycle – for commuting, weekenders or long adventures – Overlander Adventure Equipment has something for you. We offer only the best equipment for two-wheeled travellers and are here to help you achieve your travel goals. OverlanderAE supplies motorcycle and bicycle luggage, lightweight camping gear, selected motorbike hard parts, plus maps and books to suit all types of travel and traveller.

Riding Gear

Buying a riding jacket is easy, but the wrong choice of jacket, pants or boots can change your trip from enjoyable to dangerous or just plain uncomfortable. At OverlanderAE, we only supply the motorcycle riding gear that we believe in & trust to keep you safe & comfortable from a ride around the corner through to the toughest adventures.

Knowledge, Experience & Inspiration

Between the two of us, we have travelled to over 70 countries on all 7 continents – unsupported, unsponsored, untoured. And much of that with the brands and gear we sell. We’ve done it and so can you! Our big selection of maps, guidebooks, DVDs and travel books will give you all the inspiration you need for your own adventures, whether by motorcycle, bicycle, car or backpack.

Bike Luggage & Camping Gear

We stock tried and tested panniers, bags and camping gear from leading Australian, USA and European brands that we know will get your through your overland adventures. Our focus is on high-end gear that is lightweight, practical, reliable and at the cutting edge of development, suitable for your motorcycle camping, adventure riding, bikepacking, hiking or backpacking needs.


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